How to Book a Refills Appointment

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Here is a step-by-step guide to booking an appointment at one of my refill locations during lockdown.

** Please don't book an appointment if all you want to buy is flour and yeast. Refills appointments are for customers who want to shop plastic free. If all you want is flour and yeast, email to enquire. **

1. Access the booking form at

2. Choose the type of appointment you need based on the number of items you want to buy.

- Please don't book an appointment if you only need one or two things. Wait until you need to restock more items instead.

3. Choose the location you want to book for.

Please be sensible about how far your are traveling for refills!

4. Choose a date & time.

- The booking system allows you to book from 4 days in advance.

- If you are looking more than 4 days before the scheduled event, no dates will appear.

- If all of the appointments are already taken, no times will appear.

Due to the uncertainty we all face day to day, I am taking things week by week. Thank you for your patience!

5. Enter your contact details. You have the option to receive a text reminder before your appointment.

6. Receive your appointment confirmation by e-mail.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as possible to allow other people to have your slot.

If there are no appointments available, get in touch.. I may be able to extend the opening hours to allow for more bookings. Email me on