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Product focus: 'ku.tis skincare

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Kutis is a Wales-based small independent producer of skincare products. Wherever possible, they use certified organic ingredients and never use any preservatives – not even “natural” or “naturally derived” ones.

Their 55g deodorants are packaged in cardboard - you simply press up with your thumb on the bottom of the tube. Four out of the six base ingredients in the deodorants are organic, and the two scents shown here (lavender & geranium and grapefruit & mandarin) are vegan.

'ku.tis lip balms are 100% organic and come in an 8g aluminium tin, which is fully recyclable - but I can see myself ending up with a collection of little tins. Wouldn't they be great for carrying emergency needle and thread, or a few mints?

The products shown here will be for sale at our first market event on July 31, 2019 - Matlock Market, at Hall Leys Park.


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