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Product focus: plastic-free kitchen

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Plastic bottles of washing-up liquid... clingfilm... plastic sponges and scrubbers.. there are plastic-free, sustainable alternatives...

There are a lot more solid soaps on the market these days - solid shampoos are rapidly gaining in popularity (a lot of what you're paying for in the liquid versions is water anyway) so why not a solid bar for the kitchen? Plus, you don't need to fill your sink with water to use solid soap, so you'll save water and money if you are on a meter. Wet the soap and lather it up, then suds up a cloth, scrubber, or brush (it will last longer with a cloth than with a brush).

Speaking of cloths, scrubbers and brushes.. microfiber cloths are made from plastic! We stock an alternative made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and odour-resistant, so not only are the cloths biodegradable, they won't start to smell as soon as other cloths will.

Scrub sponges are made from plastic, and can ruin your non-stick surfaces. Safix coconut fiber scrubbers are gentle on surfaces (you can even use them on your body!) and can go out in the compost when they get worn out. They are made in rural India, providing economic empowerment for hundreds of women who would otherwise have little access to employment, education, or health care.

And finally, our beechwood handle scrub brushes allow you to replace the head. The plant-based bristles (Tampico fiber) are hard wearing. so replacements won't be needed very often!


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